Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers Are Superheroes

Most of my heroes are teachers. Just like you.
Linda Kamp Primary Teaching Resources on

Teachers are truly the everyday heroes.  Every day. All day.
So treat yourself to a sale on some super resources to make 
your day a whole lot easier.

Save 28%  in my TeacherspayTeachers store 
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And for your little superheroes...

Superhero writing crafts

Superhero writing crafts to highlight their learning superpowers!
Perfect for back to school or end of year displays!

Superhero end of year memory books for K-3
End of year memory books for grades K-3
Formatted in the style of a graphic novel your class is sure to love, 
These end of year memory books include lots of fun ways 
for students to showcase their memories as well as their learning.  
Students will enjoy recording favorite events and activities, 
highlighting their learning superpowers, but most of all, realizing
the  power of friendship, laughter, celebration, 
our words, kindness, and respect.  

Superhero end of year memory books for K-3

 Memory books and writing crafts may be purchased separately.
**Save when you buy a BUNDLE and receive these 
BONUS student and parent gifts!**

Bonus gifts for students and volunteers with purchase of Superhero end of year memory book bundle.

 Happy saving teacher friends!  You are ALL my HEROES!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Apothecary Jars for the Classroom~Storing Your Supplies in Style!

I'm linking up with another Bright Ideas Blog Hop 
to bring you some easy ideas for making apothecary jars
and storing your supplies in style! 

DIY apothecary jars for storing office supplies in style

As teachers we always have lots of little things
that we use daily but never enough places
to store them.  Repurpose old jars to freshen up your
classroom and make those supplies part of your decor!

Classroom decor ideas with DIY apothecary jars
I love the look of apothecary jars and thought 
why not use them in my classroom?

Find jars you like at thrift stores, garage sales, 
craft stores, and even in your fridge! 
I needed some smaller jars to use on my desk so 
I went on a little jar journey to Wal-mart.  

Repurpose jars like these to make DIY apothecary jars for storing office supplies

So as not to be wasteful I saved that good salsa 
and garlic but, please forgive me, those okra pickles 
went straight in the trash! 

Easy ideas for classroom decor with DIY apothecary jars

 I used glass candle stick holders from various
thrift stores (You can also find them at the dollar store.)
 then glued them to the jars with E6000. You can 
find E6000 at Wal-mart or any craft or
home improvement store.

This teacher shares simple storage ideas with DIY apothecary jars for the classroom!

Use sandpaper to lightly sand the lids before spray painting.
I used Krylon spray paint in 'Iris' to paint the lids to 
match my classroom. 

This teacher repurposed old jars into cute storage for guided reading supplies

Create a little candy store of guided reading go-to's.
When I taught Kindergarten my classroom had a candy store 
theme.  I stored everything in big plastic jars left over from 
whatever treat I took to t-ball the night before!
 I don't have nearly as much space now but I still love 
the look of eye-catching-and-colorful-in-a-jar!

Classroom decor and teacher gifts with DIY apothecary jars

Add little do-dads for more decor or teacher gifts!
Gifts-in-a-jar are easy and fun and when the goodies are
gone they make great decor! 

DIY Apothecary jar air freshener for the classroom

Use a jar with die cut holes in the lid to make a 
DIY air freshener!
Fill the jar with laundry scent booster. If you're using it in
your classroom be sure to seal the lids on with hot glue 
 just in case little hands get curious.  I keep mine on 
top of a bookcase behind my desk and made sure 
to tell my second graders that this was 
soap and not candy! 

  DIY air freshener for the classroom

Late one school night, when I should have been
in bed, I decided to carry over my craftiness into my kitchen.
Apples and coffee for the tired teacher!
Apples and Coffee.
Hmm...kind of  a fail. I know there's a "tired teacher" 
pun in there somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it! 

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Monday, January 5, 2015

It's National Spaghetti Day & A Free Pasta Printable!

 January 5th is National Spaghetti Day!
In honor of this delicious holiday that celebrates one of my 
favorite foods I thought I'd share this free pasta printable!  
Of course I used it here with books by one of my favorite authors,
 Tomie dePaola, but you can use it with any of your favorites too!

FREE pasta punctuation printable from Around the Kampfire blog

My husband loves spaghetti & meatballs even more than
I do and we make a point to find great Mom & Pop Italian
restaurants in our neighborhood.  If you're in the 
Phoenix/East Valley area these hidden treasures
are our favorites!

Have a great week back, friends!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015! Writing Resolutions With Your Class!

Will you be writing New year's resolutions with your class?
Those first few days of the new year are a great time to not only 
remind and reteach your students your rules and procedures 
but also to set some new learning goals

 As the holidays wind down and the last of 
the decorations are put away, I'm switching gears for when this 
glorious winter break is over and I have to get up early 
and get dressed each day! 
New Year's party horn writing craft with minilessons on the history of the New Year celebration, defining a resolution, and leveled reading passages.

During the first week back we'll be using these
New Year's Writing activities and learning about 
the history of the New Year's celebration, defining a resolution, 
and then writing some of our own!

I've just updated these New Year's Writing Activities! It now  
includes minilessons, prewriting printables, a 5-day lesson plan,
3 leveled reading passages, and a resolution writing craft 
that makes for a fun January display!

Here is ours from last year....
New Year's resolution writing party horn craft and bulletin board with circle maps for defining a resolution. Around the Kampfire blog
 I always love to see the resolutions my kiddos make for themselves!

Here's a little peek at the whole shebang!  
I've included clickable media links along with the minilessons, 
printables, lesson visuals, leveled reading passages and of course 
the party horn craft! I've even included a 5-day lesson plan.
With this little pack you're covered for the first week back 
and your January hallway display is done!

New Year's resolution writing craft with 5-day lesson plan, printable,  minilessons, and leveled reading passages.

Happy New Year, friends!

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This Is YOUR Year! {Giveaway}

Happy New Year, friends! This is YOUR year! To help
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 I'm giving away the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, 
Very Bad Day book along with my newest companion unit!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Free Christmas Printables for the Classroom

 It's my first ever Holiday Hop & Shop with links to 
10 free Christmas classroom printables 
scattered throughout my blog! 

No need to hop far though, I've collected
them all so you can just shop!

Hop & Shop by clicking on the links below! 

2. How to Bake A Gingerbread Man

Happy hopping and shopping my friends!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

10 Easy Classroom Christmas Ideas For That Last CRaZy Week Before Break!

Need some classroom Christmas ideas for that 
last crazy week before break? Look no further!
I've got you covered!

Promote classroom kindness with these 2 easy prep ideas!
Use  Secret Santa of Kind Words for classmates, 
secret angels, secret buddies  or reading buddies!

Use I Shine When I'm Kind (with or without the 
student pictures) to shine a light on students' 
acts of kindness.

This super simple parent gift was a big hit with my kiddos! 
I purchased small candles, tissue paper, and Mod Podge
 at Wal-Mart.  Thinned with water Elmer's glue works 
just as well if you don't have Mod Podge.

I know there's a snowman craft in there somewhere 
with that lid as the hat but...maybe next year!

Decorate for Data by making glyphs with real 
gingerbread men cookies (available at Wal-Mart) or
 use paper shapes! Bite and graph then draw,
record, interpret and analyze the data!

Make gingerbread themed pop-up cards
to practice math skills!

Thank your parent volunteers, office staff, and teacher friends
with these FREE printable gift tags!

Download the tags:

The possibilities are endless for last minute crafts tied 
to your favorite versions of The Gingerbread Man or
any holiday book! 

I'm so excited to do this with my class this week!  
My kids FU-LIPPED last year over the 
daily little gifts on their desks! Students then use the gift 
each day to complete the matching activity pages
I made a chart that I roll down each day to reveal 
the new gift!  But.... if you've got no time for fancy 
simply skip the gift tags and the chart, 
put the daily (easy to find) treats 
in a sandwich bag, and place them with the 
daily activity pages on their desks!

Challenge your students to write a 
one sentence summary of a favorite book!
Find this FREE resource here!

Make these cute as can be gingerbread house folders
for students to organize all of your holiday activities!

 Have a holiday book exchange!  Invite students to 
bring in gently used books to exchange with their classmates.  
I use Scholastic bonus points to purchase extras!

I hope you found something that will save you time 
and help make your week more merry!

For more holiday fun follow my December in the Classroom
boards on Pinterest!

Hop over to this post for more last minute ideas

Happy holidays!