Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Free Christmas Printables for the Classroom

 It's my first ever Holiday Hop & Shop with links to 
10 free Christmas classroom printables 
scattered throughout my blog! 

No need to hop far though, I've collected
them all so you can just shop!

Hop & Shop by clicking on the links below! 

2. How to Bake A Gingerbread Man

Happy hopping and shopping my friends!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

10 Easy Classroom Christmas Ideas For That Last CRaZy Week Before Break!

Need some classroom Christmas ideas for that 
last crazy week before break? Look no further!
I've got you covered!

Promote classroom kindness with these 2 easy prep ideas!
Use  Secret Santa of Kind Words for classmates, 
secret angels, secret buddies  or reading buddies!

Use I Shine When I'm Kind (with or without the 
student pictures) to shine a light on students' 
acts of kindness.

This super simple parent gift was a big hit with my kiddos! 
I purchased small candles, tissue paper, and Mod Podge
 at Wal-Mart.  Thinned with water Elmer's glue works 
just as well if you don't have Mod Podge.

I know there's a snowman craft in there somewhere 
with that lid as the hat but...maybe next year!

Decorate for Data by making glyphs with real 
gingerbread men cookies (available at Wal-Mart) or
 use paper shapes! Bite and graph then draw,
record, interpret and analyze the data!

Make gingerbread themed pop-up cards
to practice math skills!

Thank your parent volunteers, office staff, and teacher friends
with these FREE printable gift tags!

Download the tags:

The possibilities are endless for last minute crafts tied 
to your favorite versions of The Gingerbread Man or
any holiday book! 

I'm so excited to do this with my class this week!  
My kids FU-LIPPED last year over the 
daily little gifts on their desks! Students then use the gift 
each day to complete the matching activity pages
I made a chart that I roll down each day to reveal 
the new gift!  But.... if you've got no time for fancy 
simply skip the gift tags and the chart, 
put the daily (easy to find) treats 
in a sandwich bag, and place them with the 
daily activity pages on their desks!

Challenge your students to write a 
one sentence summary of a favorite book!
Find this FREE resource here!

Make these cute as can be gingerbread house folders
for students to organize all of your holiday activities!

 Have a holiday book exchange!  Invite students to 
bring in gently used books to exchange with their classmates.  
I use Scholastic bonus points to purchase extras!

I hope you found something that will save you time 
and help make your week more merry!

For more holiday fun follow my December in the Classroom
boards on Pinterest!

Hop over to this post for more last minute ideas

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 12, 2014

T'was The 5 Days Before Christmas Break.....

T’was the 5 days before Christmas break and all through the school
My sugar plums were dancing and testing the rules!
This teacher uses a classroom countdown until Christmas break chart with daily printables and matching student gifts!
I knew that I needed to reign them all in,
But my assessments weren't done, and I thought with a grin,

This teacher uses a classroom countdown until Christmas break with daily printables and matching student gifts!

I’ll surprise them with gifts each day of the week,

Countdown until Christmas break classroom chart with daily printables and matching student gifts!

I’ll keep it a secret and won’t let them peek!

Classroom countdown until Christmas break with daily printables and matching student gifts!

Classroom countdown until Christmas break with daily printables and matching student gifts!

But not just a gift, I thought with a wink,

This teacher counts down the last week until Christmas break with daily printables and matching student gifts!

This teacher counts down the last week until Christmas break with daily printables and matching student gifts!

I’ll make tasks to go with them so they’ll have to think!

*If you do not purchase books for your students use the included
printable book marks and matching activity pages.

They'll be reading and writing and having such fun,
This teacher uses Christmas countdown activities with matching student gifts during the last crazy week before Christmas break.
That I surely will get my assessments all done!

I know that you all can relate to my plight,
with report cards and grading, so many late nights!

But during this week as I get it all done
I know that my students are sure to have fun!

Christmas in the classroom countdown activities and student gifts

Click on any of the pics to make your life a

little easier this week!

Happy holidays, sweet teacher friends!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Secret Santa of Kind Words.....PRICELESS.

One of my most favorite holiday classroom activities is 
Secret Santa of Kind Words. With all of the holiday 
rushing, testing, finishing projects,  and general craziness 
of the last weeks of school before the holiday break 
I like to slow things down a bit and have my kiddos 
take a minute to share some kind words with a classmate. 

Promoting classsroom kindness with Secret Santa of Kind Words

We pick names and then make these Secret Santa cards.
Not telling who they picked about causes my kids
burst but the precious things they say to one another
truly reminds me why I love these kids so much!

The smiles are just priceless as they read the 
sweetness from their Secret Santa!

I must admit that my Secret Santa's tend to get
 a little carried away with the tape but those 
candy canes will NOT be falling off, by golly!

Promote classroom kindness with Secret Santa of Kind Words

I've had quite a few requests to use this for Secret Buddies
Secret Angels, and for Reading Buddies too, so I've recently 
updated the file with templates for those. (If you've previously 
purchased this be sure to go to TPT and redownload the file 
from your "My Purchases" page to get these new inserts!)

Here's another little way I like to acknowledge my
kiddos by having them write about how

Writing about kindness with I Shine When I'm Kind bulletin board display
Need a little something for that last cRaZy week before 
the break?  I just posted this Christmas activity booklet 
with simple, easy to find treats that students use to 
complete each page!

Christmas math, language, and writing activity booklet where students use daily gifts to complete each page!

Happy holidays, friends and remember to take a breath, 
and take a minute to enjoy your kids!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Gingerbread Man Loose in Our School! Class Book & Gingerbread Exchange

The look of a graphic novel and the rhythmic patterns of
'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Both of which I adore!)
make The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School  
by Laura Murray my very favorite version of all
gingerbread man stories.  Even though we have less time
between holidays this year I wouldn't dream of skipping this book!

Image source
When a class leaves for recess, their just-baked Gingerbread Man
is left behind.But he's one smart cookie (and a tough one too~
perfect for teaching idioms!)and heads out on an adventure
through the school to find them.  He runs, slides,
skips, and after getting squished by a soccer ball,
limps (perfect for teaching action verbs!) as fast as he can
to find them!  With help from the gym teacher, the nurse,
the art teacher,and even the principal, the Gingerbread Man
finally finds his class!

I found the most adorable trailer that is every bit as fun as the book!

You know how when you love a book your kids love it too?
Well, that's just whathappened in our classroom!  And just
as we started this book, my friend Jen from Simply Kinder
hosted a gingerbread man exchange! So we signed up and
got to work making these gingerbread men  from my
Catch Me If You Can! unit to send to our exchange
buddies in Alabama!

We had them all ready to go...

When the strangest thing happened!

Here's our story...

Making this book was pure BLISS for my kids! They were SO 
excited to send this offto our exchange buddies!   
Note to self:  Make MORE class books! I'm planning to 
work on a template over the break so you can make 
this book too! Stay tuned!

That about wraps it up for me!  It's time to start tackling my Sunday,
getting ready for Monday, to do list!   Have a great week friends!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catch BIG Savings!

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Need holiday ideas?  Here are some of my favorite
 December & January resources!

Catch Me If You Can!
A multi-book study of The Gingerbread Man

Christmas Kindness Kit
Promote classroom kindness with Secret Santa of Kind Words!

New Year's Writing Craft
Set goals and resolutions with this for the new year with this party horn 

Stock up on some of my best selling resources!

Life Cycle of Plants
A science unit with lab activities, printables, lesson visuals and 
anchor charts plus a culminating foldable flower booklet perfect for display!

Continents, Oceans & Landforms

Continents, Oceans & Landforms with landform literacy centers, assessment,
culminating landform building and narrative writing project, plus 18 landforms reference charts!

What Does the Shape Say?

What Does the SHAPE Say? A 2D & 3D shapes unit with activities, printables,
 attribute booklets, a writing craft and display, plus all the chart parts 
you need to make your own what Does the SHAPE Say? class anchor chart.

Remember to leave feedback on all previous purchases 
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to save even more!

Happy shopping friends!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mayflower Morphology and a Thanksgiving Mish Mash

We've landed safely in Plymouth Colony so I thought I'd share 
some of what we've been up to.  I recently attended a PD on strategies for 
teaching academic vocabulary and one of my favorite take-aways 
(and a big hit with my second graders) is the Morph House.  
I've adapted it a bit to tie in with our Pilgrim unit so that we can analyze 
some of our unit vocabulary.

 During our Pilgrim unit we've talked a lot about what life was like for children in 
Plymouth Colony. Of course they wanted to know if pilgrim children had to go 
to school! 

I made these little quills for my kiddos to use and as we were hard at 
work  reviewing our math skills those little quills were flying! We've been using 
Mayflower Math centers to practice the skills we've learned thus far as well as 
some much needed practice with regrouping!

We made these Mayflower word problems booklets dealing with issues the
Pilgrims may have faced. Here's how our "fleet" turned out!

Later this week we'll be having a Mayflower taste test to sample
the types of food the Pilgrims ate during their voyage.  I found this 
recipe for hardtack on Pinterest.  I haven't tried it yet 
but I think that along with some beef jerkey
 and dried fruit it'll do the trick!

I almost forgot to mention our new friends!  Meet Constance common noun 
and Prudence proper noun!  They've been helping us learn about 
common and proper nouns.  I've shared all about it over at Owlways Be Inspired. 
Click on the pic to head over and download a little noun freebie while you're there!

Have a great week, friends!